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A Solider in the Army

There needs to be an end to this. I am in the military, and have a strong family. I have two daughters that are growing up in an environment that I am proud of… except for the discrimination of a group of people. I am currently serving in Afghanistan and have heard many soldiers in my unit discuss the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. I must say their comments were harsh and inconclusive with very little validation. I sat there taking in everything they had to say… keeping quiet as I just listened to the hypocritical conclusions they were coming up with…

Everything from sexual assault to plainly taking showers with the gay population. I was disgusted to be serving with these men because they were hypocrites to their own Constitution, the very essence of what they are fighting for. I explained that to them and they remained silent. I refuse to be a hypocrite in that notion. I will stand beside anyone who can pick up a M4 rifle and protect me in the line of fire. So yes… I may be the “odd” one in my unit… but I GIVE A DAMN!


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