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When I was a teenager I was grappling with the fact of being gay in a very conservative Catholic School. I hid it very effectively from friends and family members for years. As a Catholic, youth sexuality – let alone homosexuality – was looked down upon. I tried being a good little Catholic girl and dated boys for quite a while. The first person I came out to was the parish priest. I can still remember it to this day how unkindly he treated me. I was asked not to return to the parish as I would corrupt the youth.

I went through various faiths at that time; Methodism, Lutheranism, Episcopalianism, Paganism and last Unitarian Universalism. When I came to the UU church I am at now, I was still on a journey for my faith – though the faith journey for me is one that is now constant. Not quite firm in what I did and did not believe in, I found a place where I could explore. They encouraged me to explore not just my spirituality, but also how I could become a vital part of the church. I found more then just acceptance. They didn’t even bat a lash and actually told me how I could welcome more people from the LGBT community to the congregation if they so chose to join.

This has been a wonderful journey to say the least – from rejection to my own celebration of my sexuality. I am looking forward to movements forward in the future and even more exploration of myself in my faith. This is why I give a damn. So others do not have to go through this same rejection from their faiths.


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