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I always knew I wanted to be in the Army. Ever since I was a kid. It was my dream. And when my chance came to leave I jumped on it. One problem. I was GAY. But I wasn’t going to let that hold me back from doing what I always wanted to do…serve my country. Serve with Honor. My friends were all like but your gay and if they find out they will kick you out. I was like they won’t find out and if they do, they do.

But, it also means they would have to come up with proof before they could do anything to me. So I left, went onto training and yes some found out but they didn’t say anything. And then I got to my unit in Germany. That’s where the problem’s started. A drunk NCO decided he wanted to sleep with the new soldier. Well that wasn’t going to happen. I pushed him off of me and said a few words and left it at that. But, then I had to work with him guarding shipment at a port in Belgium.

Late that night when we was on duty he came up to me and made a rude comment about me being gay and if I don’t sleep with him he will tell. I just rolled my eyes and walked away. When we got back I told my roommate about it. She went and told higher command. They came and asked me about it and I told them what had happened. The next day the NCO was escorted to the Captain’s office and so was I. The story was told again.

The NCO had to apologize to me and was told to never talk to me again and was transferred to another unit. After that I let a few months go by. I started being accused of sleeping with my roommate. Which by the way would never happen. I finally said you know what if ya’ll have nothing better to talk about other than me then I’ll help ya’ll. Yes I am gay. Are ya’ll happy now. They all looked at me and was like yeah right, your not gay Allen, and started laughing. I was like then why all the rumors. I just walked away.

I really didn’t care who knew after that. I decided I was going to be me. I was going to serve my country as me and no one else. After everyone finally believed me when I said I was gay they were like ok. My unit turned out to be the best unit ever. They protected me from anyone that wanted to harm me in any way. The guys loved hanging with me cause they knew they could talk about anything around me and I would jump in on the story and I wouldn’t run yelling sexual harassment. Even the females were great. The treated me like their sister. I got to serve my country proudly as an openly gay woman. Exactly how I wanted it. HOOAH


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