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Everyone Deserves Love

I don’t have an exciting story to tell and I actually couldn’t find an appropriate category for what I have to say so just chose this one. Imagine living in a world where you are hated, ostracized, and ignored. Life is hard enough without this. Many people are treated this way because of their sexual orientation – many times by their own parents. Every single person on the face of this Earth deserves to be loved.

I find it weird that someone wrote a book about why we should not eat meat that comes from animals that are raised in overcrowded conditions. I believe the author said that he could not eat turkey on Thanksgiving because that turkey was raised never having felt love. Really? How many of our children have felt the same because they are “different”? My own children have very good friends who are homosexual and I love those children with all my heart and they know it because I’ve told them.

Please, stop the hatred, stop the bullying. Parents, stand up for your children and just love them. I also want to say – parents raise your children to accept their peers for who they are. Don’t teach tolerance – to me that doesn’t mean much – teach acceptance.

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