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For All My Friends

I’ve never had problems with people making fun of me for being who I am. My parents are open minded and believe love is love, no mater what gender. My friends are understanding and happy for me coming out as bisexual. I had always been going to private schools till about 3 years ago. That’s when I realized how big a problem it was for other kids in school, gay, lesbian, transgender, or even straight people, to stand up for their friends.

When I got into high school it only seemed to escalate to more extremes. People started coming up to us in class and telling us we should just kill ourselves no, and not waste the space. I have just started going out with one of my closest friends, she has been kicked out of her house, being sent to her aunt’s house, she was sent to therapy to “fix” her problem. Her therapist would even subscribe her too many pills at one time.

After therapy she decided that the only way to fix things was to start doing drugs, and it only declined from there. She got to the point that she thought the only way out was suicide. She was only 13 when she started to try to kill herself. Thankfully she found friends that started to worry about her, and finally convinced her that there where other was to get help.

I can only imagine the pain others could be going through right now. We just need to remind them that there are people who care, that things will get better, and there are so many people that give a damn.


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