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I Had No Idea What To Do…

Ever since I was very young (around 12 or 13) I knew I had an attraction to guys. I knew what being gay was but it didn’t feel right to me. I later met a girl whom I fell in love with and realized I was bisexual. It was very confusing to me figuring out who I was as my parents never explained to me what it meant to be bisexual. They had the “sex” talk with me and explained to me what gay was also. But they left that important part out and had to find it on my own.

My parents always showed their disapproval when it came to same-sex lifestyles and when I knew I was bi it scared me beyond belief and told myself I wouldn’t ever tell anyone what I really was. Well as time went by the need to tell at least one person grew and grew, keeping it to myself was getting harder. So my best friend to this very day was the first person I told. His name is Shaun and even though him and I had known each other since third grade I still was worried I would lose him as a friend. As it turned out he was fine with my being bi but he knew it was hard for me to accept myself so he agreed to keep it to himself until I was ready for others to know.

The year I turned 18, I came out to all my friends and the love I felt from them I couldn’t have imagined in a million years! Every single friend accepted me for who I was even my one friend whom I had feelings for understood and had no problem with it at all. This past year I even came out to my family, even though they aren’t happy and don’t really approve, I came to find that I don’t need their approval to be happy and be who I was born to be. It does get better and will continue to get better as long as you give it time to. Even telling that one friend was all I needed to know there was one person in the world who wouldn’t reject me. Because of him I learned to love myself and even be proud of being bi. Now I don’t hide it from anybody and that is the best feeling! Don’t give up hope, life really is worth it and so are all of you!!!


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