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My Life As An Army Fiance

I Give A Damn because I am a gay ex-soldier, who is a soon to be Army-husband…but my fiance can’t marry me because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

When I was young, I was kicked out my house for being gay and I was a homeless youth with nowhere to go…my fiance left his home to help me find a home. We struggled and we were forced to join the Army, because life is hard…

As I lived in the Army…I was tormented constantly and bullied and my fiance thought I couldn’t handle it, so he made me leave. Now he’s a soldier, struggling his whole career to support me and put a roof over my head…we are now engaged, but we need to live together. I’m constantly worried and lonely and afraid for him. I get nightmares almost everyday and I can’t sleep.

To us, we feel like we are married…but in reality…society won’t let us. I’m scared. Everything in America, which is supposedly a free country, isn’t truly free. In Europe, their gay soldiers are allowed to get married. They keep all their benefits. I’m scared. We must constantly fight for our rights, even if we get married, I still have to worry about social security because if my husband dies who will support me, who will help me survive.

We are a monogamous couple and I have never had sex with any other male or female ever. If I lose him I don’t think I will ever again find someone else. I feel like if we don’t do something now, our struggles will be for nothing…all these years we sacrificed will be for nothing.


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