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Too Many Friends Lost

I have been in the U.S. Navy for two years now, and the whole time, from enlistment to today, I have known that I am bi, and my closest friends and family back home have known that I am bi.

While in my “A” school, which happened to be in Florida, I met a lot of other GLBT service members, and became friends with a lot of them. We all knew about each other, as did a lot of our other “straight” friends. Nobody had a problem with it.

There was a gay bar out in town, and we went there a few times a month (usually the weekends after payday) and we’d all just go and hang out. It was a great place where we could be ourselves with no repercussions.

Then they decided to send some MP’s into the club… It was on a non-payday weekend, so me and my friends weren’t there… And they took out fourteen military members. Eight Marines, six Sailors. All had charges brought against them, and all were kicked out. We were all less likely to go there again… We were scared, because even though we weren’t telling anyone, so to speak, we were still able to get in trouble. Just by finding a place to be ourselves. I give a damn for those Marines and Sailors who got dropped for no reason other than being at a gay club.

I give a damn because it could have been my friends. I give a damn because it could have been me.


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