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I Give a Damn Because It Happened to Me

Nov 29th, 2010 10:59 PM By Juan

I give a damn because, myself being gay, I have encountered discrimination and hate. You always hear comments here and there and now that I am older I am so happy that there are support groups and websites like this one that give a damn, which there wasn’t much when I was growing up. I have encountered most of the categories, but the worst one was at a job when new management took over and they let me go because “they didn’t have any available jobs for people like me.” It’s time everyone started to be more open about this.

Ignorant Man

Nov 29th, 2010 10:54 PM By Lela

I was working one night by myself, which is common for my place of work. This guy that comes in a couple times a week likes to talk a lot. He recently found out I was a lesbian and I have a partner, so he like anyone else had questions. He asked me if it was ok to ask a personal question and I agreed as long as it was not crude to who I am. He asked what I thought about marriage and why I wanted it so badly. I told him my reasons.

He then went on about children, which is a new subject for me and my partner. I felt I could trust him that he wouldn’t “bash” me, but I was wrong. He asked if I thought it was wrong or immoral to write down on a piece of paper what kind of male I would like to donate sperm to me. I told him no. He persisted on this topic until I asked him why its ok for a straight person to walk into a bar with an “agenda” of what they are looking for. 9 times out of 10 when someone goes into a social place seeking out any type of relationship, there is generally a list of things they look for.


Nov 29th, 2010 10:50 PM By richard/rachell

I am a cross dresser, have been for about 20 years. When my mom found out she was upset, but learned to deal with the way I am. I have been coming out of the closet for about 5 years now, little by little around my family so it is not a big shock to them and they can accept me for who I am.

As for as my workplace, all my co-workers accept it, but I still get harassed and discriminated against from the costumers. At times I feel afraid to go to work having the fear of getting hurt and waking up in the hospital. I came to the understanding that people are afraid of what they do not understand. Someday they may, because it just may happen to their own child.

Youth Homophobia

Nov 29th, 2010 10:47 PM By Tiffany Herrera

My friend and I volunteer at a program called Coral, which is a tutoring place for middle school and high school. My friend is a lesbian and I have just recently realized I was bisexual at an annual conference called Models of Pride. The first part of the program is homework time, but the second part is enrichment time. There is this class called mural.

One day we were all drawing and my friend and I just happened to draw the same thing. A heart with 2 male symbols, 2 female symbols, and 1 male one female symbol. In it also were the words love is love. One of the boys said “Ewwww. That’s nasty!” When asked by another kid in the class why he thought it was nasty, the boy had nothing to say. I don’t know if he thinks that way because of his parents or a result of others at his school. But the statement he made still stung us.

You Just Don’t Fit In

Nov 29th, 2010 10:45 PM By Kathy

I had started a job with a construction company where the owners were very religious Catholics. I thought the job was going fine and that I was doing a good job. The only thing I did not conform to was how they thought a women should dress. I have never hidden who I am, but I don’t come right out and say it at a new job.

My 4th week into the job I was called into one of the owners’ offices to be told they were letting me go because I just didn’t fit in. I was shocked and extremely hurt. I had never had something like that happen to me before. Now I am a little more careful when I start a new job.


Nov 29th, 2010 10:43 PM By Kelsey

My brother is a transgender pre-school teacher and must hide who he is in fear that if the parents of his students found out they would either pull their kids from school or he would be fired. He already lost one teaching job because of who he is and it infuriates me. He is a confidant, intelligent, loving, and caring soul who does more for those kids than any teacher I’ve ever had or seen in my life time.

His life mission is to teach children about the world and he tries to show equality and loving for all your fellow human beings. My brother is my hero and I want him to stop fearing that he will lose his career because of being a transgender. I want him to be able to adopt and give a lucky child a loving home. I want my brother to be looked at as a person and not a negative label. I love him and I am proud he is my brother.

I may have been biologically given a sister but he is my brother through and through and cares and protects his little sister just as a big brother should.

C’mon! End Already

Nov 29th, 2010 10:41 PM By tony

I used to work at a Italian restaurant. The owners were off the boat Sicilians. They loved me for the gift I have that people get attached to me for my personality. IT ALSO MADE THEM A LOT OF MONEY!!!

My partner came in one night to pick me up, outside I gave him a hug, cause I missed him. The next day they treated me like dirt. The owner saw us hugging and the rest of my time there was a nightmare. I QUIT after a week of torment.

NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE THERE DIGNITY TAKEN AWAY!!!! Nobody!!! THANKS FOR READING, let’s all stand together! We deserve our piece of the sky.


Super Straight, But I Know How You Feel

Nov 29th, 2010 10:36 PM By julia

I am a student getting my PhD. Last year I was mugged and got beaten up pretty badly. I had a head injury, later diagnosed as a TBI. After this I would have seizures. The police did nothing. I would fall, hurt myself, bite my tongue and lose all control of my bladder. It was and is humiliating. I lost my job as a social worker and I cannot drive and I fear leaving my home. I had always been a “normal” person until then, but so many people became afraid or acted differently towards me.

I have been in the state of despair that many of your members felt. I know how it is to be “different” and to be treated like a freak or a leper. While I am straight, white and Jewish, I think I have an idea how many of these poor kids must feel, and I’m 32. I can’t imagine dealing with such hatred and rejection. But I have felt the pain of rejection, fear, and ignorance. I DO give a damn about you and I know the feelings you all experience, it is due to a different reason yes, but many other straights know how you feel. Anyone who visits this site is performing a mitzvah or an act of humanity however you wish to put it. Blessings to all of you who act in the name of human rights.

Just Not Right….

Nov 29th, 2010 10:32 PM By Kevin

It was quit a struggle for me when I decided to come out. I was working as a bridge welder, come from a very Christian family and VERY conservative area. Oh, and I am a Christian…I had attempted suicide thinking I would lose everything. I decided to come out to my friends first, many just said they were glad I finally did, because they said they knew for sometime. That certainly made it easier among my friends. I only lost one friend because of it. Not too bad considering I was working in a very macho profession. Then to tell the family.

All I can say is I am blessed to have the best family ever, they all are accepting, except my one cousin. She wanted nothing to do with me, because she was shocked to hear I was like “those” she saw in the news. I was being sexual harassed at my job and didn’t know what to do. I went to my immediate supervisor, who was very accepting, told me to talk to the HR department and have it stopped. Long story short, after 25 years of service I was fired. It was horrifying..losing 25 years.

My next job was in behavioral health. When I started there I was very careful in what I told people. After a couple years and making friends I came out to some of them. There was this charge nurse and co-worker who hated gays. One night this guy got into a shoving match with me, told the charge nurse he couldn’t work with me and I was fired from that job after 5 years. It was just 2 years ago, and I now have another job. I share nothing with these new people. Can’t afford to lose another job. It’s just not right.

During A Vacation In Savannah, GA…

Nov 29th, 2010 10:29 PM By Razzle

During a vacation in Savannah, Georgia, we went out to eat at a restaurant called The Pirate House. Now, I’m a bit young, but I live with my dad and my older brother. My dad? VERY close minded and complainant about the government. My brother? EXTREMELY close minded and a discriminative jerk against just about everything you can think of. So, anyhow, we sat down to eat at this restaurant. Our waiter, a man in his late 20’s or so, looked and acted gay. Well, I was trying to decide between two different things on the menu, and he said “Oh, the ribs are excellent! I love them.”

Well, I ended up getting the ribs anyway, and when they waiter walked off, my brother and dad were cracking up.

Now, my father isn’t too fond of gay, bi, or lesbian people, ESPECIALLY not transgender. My brother just hates everything! So, I am yet to come out of the closet because my father says I am “too young to have an orientation,” but I know how I feel, and I know that I like guys AND girls too.

I asked them, “What?” though, I already knew what they were laughing about. My brother says “I thought he was going to start talking about how much his BOYFRIEND likes the ribs too!”
I was fuming. Of course, I have bi, gay, and pansexual friends, so I went off on him. My dad sort of shushed my brother, though he was laughing too.

The whole time we were eating there, I just couldn’t believe that my own family, yet to know about my orientation, bashed a perfectly nice, helpful, and wonderful waiter, nonetheless right in front of me.

I made sure my dad had tipped him a fair amount, because he was an excellent waiter!

This is why I give a damn. Because people are so narrow-minded to simply judge a person instead of seeing that they are a kind, helpful person like he was.



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