HIV Diagnoses in NYC Hit Record Low

Today is World AIDS Day, a day to commemorate those whose lives were taken due to AIDS and to support those living with HIV today. It’s a time to look back and remember, but also to look forward to the … Read More

What’s in a Name? For Transgender Folks, a Lot More Than You Might Think.

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Which is the better rap name: “Aubrey Graham” or “Drake?” Which name sounds like it belongs to a stylish actress and model: “Amanda Lee Rogers” or “Portia de Rossi?” For some artists, their birth name matches their brand. Beyoncé was … Read More

Introducing a Brand New Way to Show You Give A Damn

If you’re anything like us, you know that just talking about change can feel frustrating. So, because talk is cheap, we’re giving you a brand new way to take action for the things you give a damn about. It’s the brand … Read More

Are These the 8 Best LGBT Shows on Television?

PinkNews has published its list of “8 of the Best LGBT Shows on Television Today.” Let me begin by saying that I realize it’s what PinkNews considers “8 of the best,” not “the 8 best” LGBT shows on TV. But, … Read More

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez Comes Out as Queer and Bisexual

  Sara Ramirez, of Grey’s Anatomy and Spamalot fame, came out as bisexual and queer at the True Colors Fund’s 40 to None Summit on Sunday. Here is an excerpt from her speech: So many of our youth experiencing homelessness are youth whose … Read More

If I Was a Rich Girl – Aspirations of an Independent Woman

My legs long like spiders emerge from a black rolls royce revealing satin canary yellow Manolo Blahniks that crunch against the pavement. My cobalt blue ostrich feather jacket dancing in the wind. Sixteen steps from the car to the doorman … Read More

For Queer Folks, Fashion Isn’t Frivolous

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Fashion in the 21st century has often been deemed as something of minuscule relevance and frivolous use of time and energy. Since I was a little girl (who thought I was a little boy) I’ve been so enamored with fashion. … Read More

The Life of a Professional Homeless Person – Told Through Beyonce Gifs

Large pouty lips doused in Bauhaus Pink and oversized impenetrable dark aviators act as a barrier of unapproachability. My dark world lit in red lights reminiscent of Beyonce’s “6 Inch” music video. I’ve subconsciously trained and conditioned myself to think … Read More

Why We Need to Celebrate Transgender Successes

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When I read things like, “Why is the first openly transgender White House staffer news?” I want to shake people and yell, “WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Because transgender success stories are newsworthy. And I’ll explain why. But before we talk … Read More