Here's the issue.

For many of us, our faith is a core part of who we are. We identify ourselves by it. We live by its value systems. And we turn to it in times of crisis. So what would you do if your religion asked you to choose between who you love and what you believe? For our gay and transgender friends and family members, these questions are all too real.


One nation...

As Americans, we are a religious people. According to some statistics, 92% of Americans believe in God or a universal spirit. We look to faith for spiritual guidance, community, and support through our successes and struggles. Unfortunately, some of the very places we flock to for sanctuary use their doctrines and sacred texts to attack, condemn and discriminate against gay and transgender people, leading to rejection, emotional trauma, and worse. It’s for reasons like these that 6 in 10 gay and transgender youth say that churches and places of worship are not accepting.


We can make a difference.

Faith is the cornerstone of many families - it can bind us together and give us a code of ethics by which to live. But when we teach our children to hate, rather then to love, what kind of life are we building for them? Faith and religion should support and nurture people — not tear them down.

It’s time to give a damn, because our religious leaders should be celebrating our diversity — not rejecting and excluding individuals and families.

And it’s time to give a damn, because no one should have to choose between who they love and what they believe.


Do you give a damn?

Take action.


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