Here's the issue.

Millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people around the world live in countries where it’s illegal to be themselves. In more than 70 countries, gay and transgender people may be arrested and jailed, or even killed, based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Basic human rights.

The right to equality and nondiscrimination… The right to participate in public and cultural life… The right to recognition before the law… These are just some of the countless basic, inalienable rights of all human beings. Yet gay and transgender people everywhere regularly have their rights denied or violated by fellow citizens as well as by their country’s systems and institutions.


We can make a difference.

It’s time to give a damn, because it’s the 21st century. There is no place in today’s world for bigotry and hatred. And human rights should be a given for every person, in every corner of the world. You don't choose where you're born. So shouldn't we work to create a world in which young people can grow up healthy and safe, no matter where they live?


Do you give a damn?

Take action.


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Dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

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