Here's the issue.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes - gay men aren’t “tough enough” for sports... and if a woman is, then she “must be a lesbian.” Our society’s heavy masculinization of sports poses problems for our athletes. Despite polls showing a growing acceptance in the sports world, many gay athletes feel the need to hide their sexuality from their teammates and coaches out of fear of harassment and discrimination. And transgender athletes face more challenges still - including the confusion of whether they will even be allowed to play on the team of the gender with which they identify. Even after gaining the right to play on a certain team, many transgender athletes face scrutiny regarding their gender identity.


The other "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Locker rooms have long been dangerous territory for gay and transgender athletes. Anti-gay and transgender language can be rampant in locker rooms, as straight, cisgender athletes might feel the need to reaffirm their heterosexuality in such close quarters with their teammates. Some have publicly expressed discomfort with sharing a locker room with openly gay or transgender teammates out of fear of being “checked out.” Despite such assumptions, gay athletes are actually less likely than their straight peers to look at at a teammate’s body. They'd rather be accepted.


We can make a difference.

Sports are about embracing what makes you great. They’re about teamwork and support. It’s damn time we showed some. Isn't it time we show our kids that anyone can play, regardless of whom they love or how they identify? Everyone should feel welcome in their court, their field, their locker room. Because the reality is that all athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are thinking about the same thing in the locker room: the game.


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Athlete Ally is focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports by educating allies in the athletic community and empowering them to take a stand.

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The Amazin LeThi Foundation aims to inspire & empower homeless LGBTQ youth & kids living with HIV through sports & education.


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