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Fired for Crossdressing

I’m in the medical field and I’m a crossdresser. I feel that work scrubs are for the most part gender neutral, however my employer did not feel the same way. I do wear makeup, but nothing over the top. I recently was told by an employee that I need to keep my expression at home and that its not for work. However, 90 percent of the folks I worked with were very accepting.

Well, the one hater spread rumors and enough lies around my work place that my employer didn’t feel like coming to me to address the issues or try to sort out what was fact or lies. I was a very good employee… always early… never called out… was a team player and well liked by what seemed like everyone i worked with. But yesterday I was fired from my job just because I expressed myself in a way that I’m comfortable being.

They said they let me go for poor performance, which is absolutely not true. I have texts from women I worked with stating just the opposite. But I guess that’s how an employer has to cover their backside for firing a gay crossdresser. I just hope the next place I go, I will be better understood.


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